Scanning your project depends on the number of scans that are needed per m2 (square meters).

The more m2, the more scans and time will be involved to record your space.


Starting price;  1 m2 to max. 100 m2 € 250.-  Every next m2 € 2.00 per m2.


Example 1. Appartement of 85 m2    
Starting price € 250,00
extra m2 n.a. € 0,00
Total excl. Btw/VAT     € 250,00
Example 2. Appartement of 120 m2    
Staring price € 250,00
extra m2 20 x € 2,- € 40,00
Total excl. Btw/VAT     € 290,00
Example 3. Privat House of 210 m2    
Staring price € 250,00
extra m2 110 x € 2,- € 220,00
Total excl. Btw/VAT     € 470,00


  • more than 300 m2 > Pricing on request
  • outdoor spaces are added in the total m2


Apart form the above mentioned pricing the following extra expenses may occur;

2d Plans max. 300 m2; € 25,-

2d Plans over 300 m2 ; € 50,-

Walk-through video based on the 3D model; € 50,-

360 Panorama’s may contain interactive ‘tags’  linking to third party web video’s, websites and other web based information; € 50.-

MatPak packages for architects and designers; € 75.- .

This package contains obj files, colored point cloud files en 2D plans of the 3D model and can be imported in most CAD systems such as f.i. Autocad.

Mileage @ € 0,25 depend on the distance to you project coming from Amsterdam.

All HD photo’s from the 3D model are without any charge.

All figures are without btw/vat


Extra services; * pricing on request

Virtual Reality Showcases

Profesional Photography

Aerial photography and video d.m.v. drones



The client is deemed to give full permission to PR3d / Guus Wensveen to publish his / her scanned 3d object on websites managed by PR3d. The client indemnifies PR3d against claims that are caused by placement on all other media that are brought in by the client. Dutch law applies.

Dutch text;

Het copyright van alle gemaakte opnamen, zowel in 2d als 3d, berusten bij Pr3d/Guus Wensveen. De opdrachtgever wordt geacht bij het verstrekken van een opdracht PR3d / Guus Wensveen volledige toestemming te geven zijn/haar gescande, gefotografeerde, gefilmde object te mogen publiceren op door PR3d beheerde websites en social media. De opdrachtgever vrijwaart PR3d voor claims van derden die veroorzaakt worden door  plaatsing op alle overige media waaronder inbegrepen social media die door de opdrachtgever zelf worden ingebracht.