What's in the package

1. 3D interior scan

1. Interior scan
Every few meters our special state of the art 3D camera will walk through your house. The camera makes a 360 degrees scans and by doing so creates a so called mesh. Using special software this mesh is made into a 3D model showing the space as a 3D dollhouse flat property plan which you can tumble and turn or virtualy walk in to. The little questionmark button on the right lower screen will tell you what to do.


2. Photo's

The system not only makes the 3D scan, we are able to download as many photo's from it as you think are needed.

3. E-mail and your Website

The system is fast. If we scan today the 3D model can be on your website the very same day. Not only are we providing you with a web link to be send by e-mail by which anyone you choose may see the 3D model. We are also sending you a so called i-frame code so that the 3D model will work directly from your own website. For anyone to see, om any mobile platform, anywhere in the world.


4. Property Plans

All the scanned spaces are automatically being sized and measured by the system. If for some reason you do not have any property plans we are able to quickly compose these property plans showing all the measurements that you will need.

5. Walk Through video's

Imagine to just walk through the property of your choice even when you are not there. Imagine selling your house being on the other side of the world. All of this becomes possible using the advantages of PR3D models. Walk through video's can be a great add on and will give a quick impression about your project.