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Verdwijnen winkels? Welnee, maar ze veranderen wel..

The Brick&Mortar store will stay, but its role will change.
For years, Furniture Retailers have had the pleasure of connecting to their customer in their brick and mortar store. The store was the perfect place to show their products to the customer that needed to come to the store to see and feel these products. Now, with the rapidly changing world and thereby changing needs of the customer, the brick and mortar store is facing difficulties. The store will stay and be important, except its role will indefinitely change.

Brick & Mortar Stores Data
Furniture Retailers are heavily leaning on their Brick & Mortar store. In the US alone the number of stores has grown with over 7% for the top 100 US Furniture Retailers. Small retailers are either disappearing or decreasing in square feet. The online furniture market is expected to grow with 68%, and furniture retail in general with ‘just’ 27%. Time to rethink the role of the brick and mortar store.