Home staging, also known as property styling is preparing a home for sale so the buyer can mentally move in. A professionally staged home will essentially bring out the good in a home and make it sell faster and at the best possible price. Check out our tips for home staging, it does not have to be expensive!


According to real estate mogul Barbara Corcoran home staging can increase the selling price of a home by 10% to 20%. It is also said that the average staged home spends about 57 days fewer on the market than a comparable un-staged property. And by the way, did you know that home staging can add up to 20% of your home’s value?


First impressions count and you’ll never get a second chance to make one. Most people will make a judgement about a house in just 7-10 seconds upon arriving on the property. In addition, only 1/10 people can visualise property potential. This means that 90% of people need a place cleaned and staged in order to see the potential.




Now it is time to get your hands into those unfinished home improvement projects, because even if you don’t notice these small flaws, your buyers will. You might have some of the following ahead:

  • Replace broken bulbs
  • Repair broken light switches & curtain rods
  • Give you cabinet doors a fresh layer of paint
  • Fix leaky taps
  • Straighten doors and cupboards
  • Replace mouldy silicon
  • Fill dents in wall



The cheapest staging tactic is also the most important. Clean rooms also look bigger. Deep clean the whole house throughout with special focus on the kitchen and bathrooms!

  • Clean the windows
  • Clean inside the cupboards
  • Scrub the hob and oven
  • Polish metal taps, sinks & piping
  • Clean light shades and chandeliers


In addition to the deep cleaning process you probably need to do some de-cluttering. The key to home staging is to create a beautiful “blank canvas” that buyers can envision themselves in. Ridding your home of clutter also allows your home to look larger and well-maintained. Here’s something you can easily do by yourself:

  • Take down family photos & personal stuff
  • Clear off counters
  • Consider of renting a storage locker to promote extra room in the house and to hide unwanted furniture
  • Remove seasonal clothes from the closets & organize the kitchen cabinets (there’ll always be someone who opens them)
  • Throw away stacks of post, paper and magazines


Sometimes rearranging the furniture can make a big difference and promote a better flow throughout the house. If you have a table that sticks out a little too far in the entryway or a chair that disrupts a natural walkway you should probably think of moving them somewhere else.

A fresh coat of paint on the walls makes the house feel new again. But remember to keep it neutral as possible. White might seem boring but the truth is that it makes every room feel more spacious.

Remove your personal stuff from the walls and replace some of them with mirrors. Mirrors give the illusion of a larger room.  Then just add flowers and houseplants to brighten up the rooms.



The first impression matters also in curb appeal. So ensure that the outside of your home is looking the best it can before the showing. But don’t forget the backyard!

  • Trim overgrown trees & bushes (don’t let the bushes hide the features of your home!)
  • Keep the grass cut
  • Add some colour with flowers
  • Repair sidewalk cracks
  • Replace old doormats with new ones
  • Add potted plants next to the door
  • Replace old and outdated front door