Introducing: Hole Filling

You stage your space meticulously. Get the lighting just right. And plan a smooth path through the entire space before you scan. Why? Because pre-planning is key to creating pristine Dollhouse and Floorplan views, with a smooth and seamless Inside walkthrough. If you’ve created online virtual tours with Matterport before, you know that this kind of attention to detail creates the best models and elevates the 3D showcase experience.

But, there are some times when even the most meticulous scanning can’t get rid of “holes” or dark areas in the 3D mesh where the Matterport Pro Cam was unable to record data. So what’s a fastidious Matterport user to do?

Fear not. “Hole filling,” as we like to call it, has been significantly improved with a powerful new algorithm added to our vision software. Added just a few weeks ago, this new algorithm is already reducing holes in your 3D data, enabling smoother transitions, and reducing awkward movement through solid surfaces.