Er stroomde in 2015 veel geld naar de Virtuele wereld, 2016 wordt booming

Billion-Dollar AR/VR Investments In The Last 12 Months

There have been significant investments in AR/VR head-mounted displays, video, solutions/services, advertising/marketing, games and apps. As the ecosystem begins to take shape, the investment community is providing the fuel to take AR/VR skywards.

Augmented and virtual reality are the new hotness, as VCs and corporates get in on the act. While Facebook’s multi-billion dollar acquisition of Oculus got everyone’s attention early last year, it’s only in the last 12 months that investments accelerated.

Virtually Guaranteed To Be Augmented
With the AR/VR market beginning to launch, the investment community today is divided into true believers like Intel, Google, Facebook and Microsoft, and those taking a wait and see attitude.
Fortune favors the brave in early stage investment markets

The Crunch Network – 2015 by Tim Merel (@DigiCapitalist)