Production costs are completely free.

Our earning model is based on the number of online visits you had in a specific period.

The external Matterport system automatically keeps track of how many visitors you have had and on that basis you pay a ‘pay per view’ rate.

In order to keep these costs under control, a maximum can be agreed so that you will never pay more than you planned and agreed upon.


In addition to that agreed rate, the following additional costs may arise;

Floor plans with dimensions € 25, – (max. deviation about 1% – self-measuring in the work is advised)

Walk through video from the 3 model € 50, –

360 Panoramas € 50.- with interactive ‘tags’ that refer to relevant information such as videos, websites and information.

Travel expenses of € 0.25 pkm ​​from Amsterdam.

HD photos from the 3d model are free

excl. VAT



Extra services; * costs on request

Virtual Reality Showcases

Professional Photography

Aerial photography and video d.m.v. drones



The client is deemed to give full permission to PR3d / Guus Wensveen to publish his / her scanned 3d object on websites managed by PR3d. The client indemnifies PR3d against claims that are caused by placement on all other media that are brought in by the client.